Are Skunks Social Creatures

Skunks are urban mammals that are found in different parts of the US. They can also survive on forest, grasslands, and farmlands. There are various types of skunks but the most popular is perhaps the striped skunks. Skunks are solitary creatures who prefer to live on their own. However, during the colder months, the skunks have communal dens that they share with the other skunks. This allows them to share warmth that enables them to escape the biting cold.

Do Skunks Live Alone or With a Group
If the skunks are not breeding, they will usually be living alone. They are also crepuscular or the animals that will be active during the twilight. Therefore, you will not usually see their presence if there are Jersey City skunks denning in your property. In fact, you will smell them first before you see them. Skunks will also be leaving signs of foraging such as shallow holes in your lawns.

Territory of Males and Females May Overlap
While they may not share the same burrows, the territory of the males and females will usually overlap during the entire year. The home range of the female skunk is about 2-4sqkm while the range of the male’s territory will be a lot bigger that may extend up to 20sqkm. This will make it easier for the male skunk to locate a potential mate during the breeding season. Skunks are polygynous, which means that one male skunk can mate with multiple females. After the breeding season, the male and female will return to their separate territory. The male will have nothing to do with raising the baby skunks.

Sharing Heat During Winter Season
The skunks will not hibernate during the cold months. However, they may stay inside their den for longer period. They will be inactive and will only go out of their den to look for food. Their cold months will usually be dormant. During the winter, the burrow of the male skunk may contain up to 12 female skunks. They will be sharing their body heat in order to stabilize their body temperature. Commonly, the same den will also be used during the next winter season.

Caring for Her Young Jersey City Skunk
The baby skunks will live with their mother skunk for at least 6 weeks. During this time, their mother will teach them all the things that they need to know to survive in the wild. From teaching them how to use their claws, to learning how to search for foods all of these will be thought by the mother skunk. Once the fall comes, the family will separate, and the kits will be transferring to a new territory. Their chosen territory can be found at about 6-10 kilometers away from their original home.

Skunks are solitary creatures who survive well on their own. However, during crucial times, they will be ready to share their den with other New Jersey skunks. Understanding this habit of the skunk will help you understand if you are housing a single or multiple skunk under your porch. AND DELETE THE OTHER 3 DELETE ABOVE CHUNK -->

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